A new order called Resource Sector Worksites and Industrial Camps in the Region of the Northern Health Authority overrides the existing Industrial Camps order for Northern Health resource sector industrial camps, strengthening some of the requirements.

This order contains the following elements (with changes to the current Industrial Camps order highlighted):

Employer obligations include:

  • develop a COVID-19 infection prevention and control protocol
  • appoint a person as an infection prevention and control coordinator
  • ensure supports are in place for workers to remain in their accommodation
  • requirements for transporting workers

Coordinator obligations include:

  • act as a liaison between the employer and the health officer, or Provincial infection prevention and control office
  • oversee the implementation of the Protocol
  • ensure workers carry out daily health checks
  • oversee workers are transportation
  • inform the health officer, or the Provincial infection prevention and control officer, of any failure to implement the protocol

Worker obligations include:

  • follow the protocol
  • follow infection prevention and control practices
  • carry out a daily health check
  • remain at their accommodation when not working

Drivers must wear face coverings