A revised PHO Order for Industrial Camps – May 12, 2021

Here is a summary of the small changes made to clarify some issues:

  • A requirement that employers must identify a place in which employees would isolate.
  • Further clarity provided about the expectation of employers to provide support for workers during isolation.
  • Clarified that inspections apply to vehicles in which workers would be transported together, rather than all vehicles.
  • Clarified that workers who have already done 14 days of quarantine, such as Temporary Foreign Workers, do not have to do another 14 days of quarantine.

Effective April 13

A revised Order for Industrial Camps was issued April 13, 2021 to prevent and control the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

Please note that the guidance document on industrial camps and worksites will similarly be updated over the coming week to help sites prepare protocols, and coordinators for inspections. Please note inspections are required at sites again this year, even if the sites were inspected last year.

The following information is from Dr. Brian Emerson, Acting Deputy Provincial Health Officer.

Industrial Camps – This updates the July 2/20 order, and merges it with the Northern Health (NH) resource sector industrial camps order and the NH Industrial Projects Restart order (except for the data collection part of this order – see next point).  Changes include:

  •  More detail included on Infection Prevention and Control Protocols which was in the more recent NH orders.
  • Clarifies obligations on employers to support workers.
  • More detail with regard to providing facilities for and services to workers in areas such as meal services, communication systems, internet facilities and laundry, to enable workers to remain in their individual accommodation and at the camp when not at the worksite, which was in the more recent NH orders.
  • Enhanced mask wearing requirements.
  • The requirement to remain at accommodation when new to industrial camps, which was in initial order, then taken out last summer, is brought back in to provide extra layer of protection given increased transmission.
  • MHOs may institute tighter restrictions with regard to to workers leaving camp after the quasi-two week quarantine if there are clusters or outbreaks at that camp or in the surrounding community.
  • Given that silviculture camps are generally self-contained, a specific Part has been added that allows silviculture workers more latitude with respect to physical distancing and mask wearing once they have completed the two-week quasi-quarantine phase.

Industrial Projects Restart – Requirements to submit plans and limit the number of workers coming to the projects have been removed as this was all completed in January and February.  NH wishes to continue to monitor the number of workers so we have retained the requirement that the projects report worker numbers by different categories to NH.