“Be prepared to spend the night out.” This has been a key piece of advice for preparing a backpack delivered at AME’s annual Introduction to Exploration Safety Workshop, which returns to the University of British Columbia campus in Vancouver on Saturday, March 14.

Although equipment might vary between programs, some essentials are tried and tested: multiple hats to protect against both the sun and cold; a compass for use in signalling in case of an emergency; and matches in various locations. While some items are used every day in the field, others are kept in the event of inclement weather or, in a worst-case situation, a night out away from camp.

Here is the geologist gear checklist for the Newmont Lake project in northwest B.C. from one of AME’s corporate members, Crystal Lake Mining, as photographed by Anatole Tuzlak.

Geologist Gear Checklist | Anatole Tuzlak