During BC Mining Month, MineralsEd is collaborating with AME to produce educational videos that will teach the public about minerals, mining, our natural environment and the role they play in our everyday lives.

The Port of Vancouver & Mining

Ever wondered how the Port of Vancouver and Mining in British Columbia are connected? Watch the kickoff video explaining how.

Fossils in British Columbia

Andy Randell, founder and CEO of BelowBC, talks about fossils in British Columbia. How do they form, where should you look for them; Andy reveals the information they provide about the Earth’s past.

The Formation of Glaciers and Mountains

Want to know more about the mountains and glaciers that dominate much of our province? Watch this fascinating video by Derek Turner from Below BC.


How do tides work? How do they vary around the world? Derek Turner and Andy Randell from Below BC can answer that for you with this insightful video.


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