“Mining 4 Everyone” is the theme that will drive topics of discussion at the upcoming CIM 2014 Convention taking place at the Vancouver Convention Centre from May 10 to 13. The convention, hosted by the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM), is expected to attract more than 6,000 mining industry professionals.

CIM is the leading Canadian technical society for the minerals industry with more than 14,000 members across Canada and around the globe. CIM is dedicated to advancing knowledge and technology as well as facilitating networking, fraternity and professional development for the mining industry.

Why “Mining 4 Everyone”? Firstly, mining provides value to multiple stakeholders – communities in which mining companies operate or, ultimately, the end users of the minerals mined. From another perspective, we must speak of diversity in mining – where opportunities exist for people of diverse skills and backgrounds.

“Over the course of the CIM Convention, we will be tackling the many issues emanating from the growing shortage of skills, making succession planning for the industry a challenge,” says Robert W. Schafer, CIM 2014 Convention co-chair and CIM president. “We must set the stage for sustained resilience going forward. More than 110,000 new workers will be required by 2020, and creating great opportunities for all workers including women, aboriginal communities and immigrants can ensure the future of mining in Canada.”

Understanding the opportunities that mining can provide, using due care, and paying attention to the environment will give mining companies the social licence to operate. Mining can either be tolerated or considered the lifeblood of generations of workers. CIM has always been a firm advocate for opportunities ![(right) 2013 CIM Expo!; (far right) M4S Toronto 2013. | The Image Commission]() available in the business, and the 2014 Convention is set to create further awareness of the full range of these opportunities and potentially give mining practitioners further tools to successfully engage and enlist people in the industry.

The convention’s three-day technical program will feature six streams including global dimensions of mining; innovations; harnessing our diverse world; managing operations – mine to mill; construction to production; and rock engineering. As well, the CIM Convention will host its first Ethics in Mining Symposium, in partnership with the Canadian Business Ethics Research Network (CBERN).

The technical program will kick off with an electrifying plenary session featuring an expert lineup of industry leaders examining the convention’s theme, moderated by the awardwinning investigative journalist and co-host of the CBC’s The Fifth Estate, Mark Kelley. “At CIM 2014, the boldest and most innovative change-masters will exchange ideas and initiate promising change,” says Patty Moore, general convention chair.

In conjunction with the CIM Convention, the CIM Exhibition will be celebrating its 31st anniversary. Sold out again this year, The Expo! will host more than 480 exhibiting companies featuring the latest in mining equipment, tools, technolo- gies and services. The Expo! is Canada’s mining marketplace.

2013 CIM Plenary (from left): Chris Lewicki, Zoë Yujnovich, Egizio Bianchini, Stan Bharti and Richard Ross.

Mining for Society (M4S) is an educational show on min- ing, minerals, metals and materials. Showcasing the variety of available careers directly and indirectly related to the mining industry, M4S will educate participants on the entire mining cycle – from exploration and extraction to production and reclamation. Teachers, students and the general public are typically surprised at how positively mining impacts their life and daily activities, and how many jobs the industry generates – in every sector of employment. The interactive activities at each of the thematic pavilions are sure to make visitors’ experiences unforgettable.