In the Northwest Territories, responsible resource development is at the core of who we are. It drives our economy, has generated billions in opportunities for Northern and Indigenousowned businesses and provides thousands of jobs to residents.

As the Minister responsible for the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment and Department of Infrastructure for the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT), it is my responsibility to champion the NWT’s resource potential to investors and resource companies around the world.

The Northwest Territories is more than just diamonds. We have the mineral and petroleum resources that could position it as a primary economic driver for our country. We are home to many of the minerals that will fuel the global green economy, including cobalt, gold, lithium, bismuth, and rare earth elements. Alongside our mineral resources, our territory also has natural gas resources and as we continue to see a shift to lower-carbon alternatives, our natural gas has the potential to meet market needs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The mining potential here is immense.

In the NWT, residents and businesses support responsible development of our natural resources and recognize the benefits it brings to communities and that it is vital to the long-term health of the NWT economy.

Partnerships are a big part of how we do business in the North. Strong partnerships combined with made-in-the-North legislation will ensure the priorities and interests of NWT residents are realized and that companies and entrepreneurs who choose to do business here have the tools they need for success.

Government and industry partners who invest in the future of the Northwest Territories will benefit from our prosperity and development.

There is a lot in store for the NWT mining industry in 2019. The GNWT will continue to work in partnership with Indigenous partners and industry stakeholders to capitalize on opportunities to share knowledge about the world-class resource potential and investment opportunities in the Northwest Territories.