EKCM – East Kootenay Chamber of Mines

28th S.E.B.C. Coal Symposium

The annual coal symposium in Sparwood has been an ongoing event for 28 years running, focusing on coal mining in the Elk Valley and new technological innovations in the world coal marketplace. A selection of six informative presentations centered on the coal industry. Talks included:

  • Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Crushing Equipment Options,
  • Geordi Edmiston, Global Product Manager, McLanahan Corporation.
  • North Coal – Update on the Michel Coal Project Resource Development, Dave Thompson, chief Geologist, North Coal.
  • BC Mining & Exploration Overview 2017-18.
  • Fiona Katay, Regional Geologist, BC MEMPR, Cranbrook office.
  • Overview of the Alberta Clear Hills Oolitic Iron Ore and Vanadium Deposits, Bruce smith, P.Eng., Managing Director of EnerPro Energy Ltd.
  • Sedimentology, Ichnology, Sequence Stratigraphy, and vertebrate Paleontology of the Belly River group, Southwestern Saskatchewan.
  • Megan Gilbert, PhD Geology, Line Creek Operations.

The symposium was approximately four hours long, and the viewing participants were not disappointed in the selection of information that was exchanged during the symposium. The EKCM is looking forward to next years Coal Symposium 2020 in Sparwood.

AME Strategic Plan component(s): Public Awareness and Stakeholder Awareness and Education; Successful Exploration in increasing economic viability and confidence

Sam Steele Days Parade

The Sam Steele days parade has been a yearly ongoing event for 56 years in the City of Cranbrook, B.C. The Sam Steele days parade is one of the easier high visible events to showcase the Chamber and the value of exploration activity that is going on around the area, and to remind people of the importance of mining. This 2019 parade had a record attendance with over 80 floats and participants. The EKCM was by happenstance, also lucky enough to have two of the Below BC people, Allegra and Jacob who lent a helping hand on the Chamber float. Jacob Moffat driving the pickup truck and Allegra Whistler helping to hand out candy to the public. Below BC was in Cranbrook taking 3D images of the EKCM rock and minerals display in the chamber office and at the Cranbrook History Center’s paleontology exhibit. The Chamber float was also in the running for an award but lost out. Although two years ago the EKCM did win best Float for clubs and organizations. The EKCM is looking forward to Sam Steele Days 2020 next year.

AME Strategic Plan component(s): Public Awareness and Stakeholder Awareness and Education

Jr. Paleontology Summer program

After such a successful summer program for the last two years, the EKCM once again partnered with The Cranbrook History Center to put on a kid’s fossil program. This program ran every Saturday at the museum from 10:30 till noon for kids ages 6-12. The kids would be drop off at the museum where the learned about Cambrian era trilobites. What they were, what they ate, how they lived and why they are called trilobites. Then the kids don their safety glasses and had a chance to break soft rocks and find some trilobite fossils for themselves. Each child left with a booklet on fossils, a Presentation with hands-on learning Education Awareness yearly Cranbrook History Center, AME and TECK certificate, badge and bag of their own trilobite fossil finds. It was great to see the kids break open a rock and find their first trilobite. EKCM hopes to have another bunch of future “Rock Hounds”.

AME Strategic Plan component(s): Public Awareness and Stakeholder Awareness and Education

Cranbrook Boys and Girls Club

The Cranbrook Boys and Girls club asked the EKCM if they would like to host a one-day Trilobite fossil hunt for the participants of the Cranbrook club. On August 1st with two vans in tow, the EKCM took the adult instructors and the 20 children 32km up the Bull River to a fossilized Cambrian site full of McKay Formation Trilobites. After a brief lunch the children were exposed to looking and finding the different species of Trilobites. During the hunt the children are told of the importance of these sites, and that they can keep the trilobites that they find. But they are now responsible to look after them on behalf of the province of British Columbia. This really made them all feel extremely important and they all promised to take care of them. The adult instructors and the kids were amazed at what they had found and even though they were all quite young felt very lucky to have them in their possession. The EKCM is now planning on doing this one day program with other youth organizations throughout the East Kootenays.

AME Strategic Plan component(s): Public Awareness and Stakeholder Awareness and Education