EKCM – East Kootenay Chamber of Mines

27th S.E.B.C. Coal Symposium

The annual coal symposium in Sparwood has been an ongoing event for 27 years running, focusing on coal mining in the Elk Valley and new technological innovations in the world coal marketplace. A selection of five informative presentations centered on the coal industry. The lecture talks in an informal setting allowed for networking and brainstorming, as well as public awareness and education while increasing economic viability and confidence. The symposium was approximately four hours long, and the viewing participants were not disappointed in the selection of information that was exchanged during the symposium. The EKCM is looking forward to next years Coal Symposium 2019 in Sparwood.

AME Strategic Plan component(s): Public Awareness and Stakeholder Awareness and Education

63rd Annual Provincial Mine Rescue and First Aid Competition

The Provincial Mine Rescue and first Aid Competition is an annual event usually held for one to two years in the same community. This year attended by 900 people and held at Kimberley B.C. who has luckily held the event for three years consecutively, and now the event will move onto another BC community for 2018. The event consists of Mine Rescue teams from operating mines from across the province who have earned the right to compete in the Provincial competition. The teams are marked on four different event scenarios, such as Written / Bench knowledge of the Mine Rescue Manual, Fire control and containment, Rope and extraction rescue for teams, and First Aid tests specifically designed for extreme mining related scenarios. These events are all open to the public and viewing the competitions was strongly encouraged. There was a trade show which is open to participants and the public, usually vendors include safety and rescue suppliers and related mining industry interests.

AME Strategic Plan component(s): Public Awareness and Stakeholder Awareness and Education. Successful Exploration by the opportunity to talk with many political leaders on mining issues such as land access, regulations and economic viability

School Programs

The EKCM partnered with the Cranbrook Senior Lapidary club and brought their presenter, Guy Santucci, to the class rooms with a variety of rocks and fossils.

The kids were able to learn about the history of the earth, the oldest rocks and different geological periods. Kids learned how fossils are formed, why you find them in some rocks and not others, and how our region looked millions of years ago. Guy brings with him a large collection of fossils for the kids to touch and learn about. They would highlight where to go to find rocks and fossils in our region and leave each child with a fossil specimen, a geologist discovery book and information booklet on Paleontology. EKCM attended the following Elementary schools: Cranbrook TM Roberts with five classes, Steeples with one class and Kimberley Independent School (KIS) with two classes. This presentation has been very well received and is growing in requests every year from local teachers.

AME Strategic Plan component(s): Public Awareness and Stakeholder Awareness and Education