The AME BC Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee has been working to clarify concepts and increase awareness, facilitate capacity-building and provide general guidance and support to AME BC members on the implementation of the AME BC CSR Guiding Principles. These principles were released at Mineral Exploration Roundup 2014 during the well-attended technical session, “Best Practices for Addressing Environmental Concerns and Impacts During Mineral Exploration – A Scalable Approach to Creating Value.” The CSR Committee is currently made up of 18 professionals representing a cross-section of the exploration and development industry, as well as AME BC support staff.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is constantly evolving and requires proactive involvement. In upcoming issues of the AME BC News e-newsletter, the CSR Committee will be asking for your participation in answering questions regarding CSR related to the Guiding Principles, as well as asking for you to provide examples to include in the upcoming articles. Your general feedback regarding CSR will also be welcome!

CSR in action: Kyle Quock helping with an archaeological survey. | Kay Farquharson/Rescan

During the technical session at Roundup 2014, presenters focused on good environmental management as well as proactive and open communications with local communities about environmental issues – and the positive impact of this on the relationships between companies and local communities. Presenters also discussed the benefit to business when companies listen to community concerns and work collaboratively when developing their exploration programs. The approach to create partnerships with local communities with the focus on a common goal is proving to be very beneficial to explorers and developers in Canada and abroad. The importance of corporate social responsibility is something that AME BC members have come to recognize is of utmost value if they want to create stable, long-term projects with reduced risk of adverse effects to communities, the environment and shareholders.

The next several issues of Mineral Exploration will explore the AME BC CSR Guiding Principles, with specific examples from mineral exploration companies. The intent is to explore cost-effective methods for junior exploration companies to incorporate social responsibility into their everyday practices. The CSR Series will begin in the fall issue, focusing on communications for improved community relations and collaboration. The fall issue will also provide a sneak peek of next year’s CSR Showcase Session at Roundup 2015. AME BC’s CSR Guiding Principles have been developed to guide decision-making regarding corporate social responsibility and are available on AME BC’s website at