Sarah Conolly is a Senior Project Geologist at Seequent, a Geoscience Technology company and this year will be her second time attending AME Roundup. Seequent will be exhibiting at Roundup, be sure to drop by their booth!

What is the value of Roundup for you as an individual?

I think the value of Roundup lies in the variety of opportunities available.

I’ll be attending the short course ‘Concepts and Application of Machine Learning to Mining Geoscience’ on the weekend, then I’ll be one of the technical team members at our Seequent booth interacting with attendees. I’ll be exploring the Core Shack and attending a few technical talks to see what’s going on in the industry.  Plus, there is always some networking at the various social events around the conference.

What are your plans at Roundup and what are you most looking forward to? 

I’m really looking forward to attending the ‘Concepts and Application of Machine Learning to Mining Geoscience’ short course.  As I work for a geoscience technology company, this is a side of the industry I am particularly keen to learn more about – especially where it feeds into geological models of the future. 

What do you find valuable about exhibiting at Roundup?

It’s a great way for our company to touch base with active Leapfrog and Geosoft users and gives us the opportunity to connect with potential new users; stopping by our booth allows us to introduce attendees to our various geoscience data and modelling technologies.

How do you think attending Roundup can help with your progression?

Being an active member of our community is important to any progression, whether with business opportunities, personal learning, or advancing industry knowledge. I recommend anyone that is new to the industry to attend Roundup as a way to get to know people and understand the different opportunities out there.

Can you give any advice to companies on how they can best leverage what Roundup offers?

Just dive in. From my experience most of the attendees are happy to stop and have a chat – they want to hear what you’ve done and where you’ve been. Just remember to ask them the same in return!