AME initiated a mentorship program at Roundup 2019 for current students and recent earth science graduates. The pilot program started in April 2019 with 22 matched Mentors and Mentees and will be wrapping up at Roundup 2020.

The program offers three networking events for mentors and mentees and a Brand Yourself Workshop for mentees, leaving the rest of the program flexible for mentees to find ways to achieve their goals with their mentors. Participants estimated they spent 1-3 hours a month on program and provided feedback that it had a great value.

Why is the program valuable?

Starting out your career in a new industry can be daunting.  Often, new graduates leave university filled with theoretical knowledge and limited or no practical experience working in the industry.  A mentor provides knowledge, experience, advice, and different viewpoints often using examples from their own experiences.  They can help evaluate where new and early career professionals are now, where they want to go and how to get there.  Having a mentor can give a broader insight into the industry and help mentees learn aspects of their chosen profession which might have taken longer to figure out on their own, thus helping them to achieve goals more quickly and effectively than working alone.

The program doesn’t just benefit the mentee.  Mentors can gain new insights into the industry from an early career perspective and enjoyment of giving back to the community.  A mentor-mentee pairing may also last beyond the length of the program, providing on going advice, support, and connection.

Some comments from the 2019 program

What the Mentees had to say:

“This was the best mentoring program I have enrolled in so far”

 “Participating in this program has shown me the importance of having mentors for career development and has taught me the value of making connections.”

 “This is a great program and I am really glad I applied for it.  I would recommend this program to future grads.  It helped with real life application of skills and knowledge”

“I am so glad I participated as it has eased a lot of pre- and post- grad stress I had about my career.”

“Having a mentor gave me a better perspective on the business side of the industry than I received at university.”

“I got a position as a result of the mentoring I received in this program.”

What the Mentors had to say:

 “This program is a good idea and is very much needed in the industry.”

“I think this is a wonderful program, and I’m very impressed with the organization and follow through.”

“I am grateful for the opportunity to mentor someone and to see younger people’s view of the industry.”

“This is a great program and initiative by AME. Sometimes being a mentor is simply making the introduction to potential future employers and giving advice on first jobs.”

“Thank you for giving this opportunity. It feels good for me to give back to the community.”

 Mentorship in 2020!

AME is pleased to be offering another year of mentorship starting in March 2020. 

The program is designed for students in the final year of studies or recent graduates ideally 1-2 years into the workforce, but no more than 5 years in from the following backgrounds:

  • Earth Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Geo Engineer students
  • Physical Geography
  • Community Engagement Specialists
  • Indigenous students of any field or entry level workers in the industry

Apply to join the program as a Mentee

Experienced industry professionals who would like to volunteer their time and experience as Mentors are welcome to submit an application form here.

If you’d like more information for 2020’s program or if you’re interested in attending the Roundup event to talk to previous participants, please contact Stasia Wegner, Manager of Member Service at [email protected].