The Thrill of the Hunt

Digging Deeper into Modern-day Prospecting

Modern-day prospectors Krisztina Pandur and Connor Malek captured the imaginations of the audience at the April 2019 AME MinEx Talks discussing the potential rewards and impor… Read More

Social Responsibility at AME

How the ISR committee helps members adopt industry best practices in social responsibility

Social responsibility is key to the success and reputation of resource projects. AME’s Integrated Social Responsibility (ISR) Committee supports members by providing resour… Read More

What to do About the Caribou?

Co-existing with caribou is essential for all resource operators in British Columbia. What are the challenges and opportunities for AME members?

As ubiquitously Canadian as the polar bear and the beaver, the caribou—the iconic face of the Canadian quarter—is under threat in British Columbia. More than half of BC’s caribou… Read More