For the month of September, AME will be addressing mental health in our own way. This important topic is prevalent in all industries and aspects of life and we want to talk about it.

We have a couple of blog posts upcoming on the unique ways mental health can be affected in our industry. We’ve canvased our staff and members for their personal mental health tips and have partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association BC to share resources. You can also look forward to a full slate of articles on the topic in the September issue of our Mineral Exploration magazine, available September 12, 2017.

Have a conversation with us. Share your stories. Tell us what you need. Each one of us has our own ways of addressing our mental health and there is no stigma needed to be associated with it.

I’ll start with one of my favourite ways of feeling mentally well. Every morning I am woken up at “5 for 5”. This wet nose expects 5km at 5:00 AM, rain or shine. Starting the day with this accomplishment and appreciative companion keeps me motivated throughout the work day.

I hope you will share your own tips with us. I wish you all a great September as we begin to return from the field and get back to every day life closer to home.