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Show Notes June 21, 2022

Thanks for listening to #ExplorationMatters, the podcast for people interested in matters related to mineral exploration and why exploration matters!

Episode one was produced on June 21, 2022.

Jennifer Poirier, Partner, Dentons Canada

In this episode, Jennifer Poirier, Partner at Dentons Canada, talks us through the latest trends in joint ventures and partnerships between exploration and mining companies and how the nature of these partnerships are changing post-pandemic.

We also speak with Kendra Johnston, President & CEO of AME, about the mineral exploration process and the speedbumps and opportunities companies can experience along the way.

We recognize National Indigenous Peoples Day and mention some exploration news from around the province, including FPX Nickel’s new agreement with the Binche Keyoh Bu Society, Sun Summit Minerals’ summer exploration plan at Buck, and Seabridge Gold’s summer work plan for their Iskut property.

Your #ExplorationMatters host is Kylie Williams, AME Director, Communications and Member Relations. If you have questions or comments about today’s episode, or a topic you would like us to talk about on the show, email Kylie at [email protected].

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