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Show Notes July 29, 2022

Thanks for listening to #ExplorationMatters, the podcast for people interested in matters related to mineral exploration and why exploration matters.

Episode four was produced on July 29, 2022.

Robin Longe, Partner, Dentons Canada

In this episode of the podcast, we focus on diversity in exploration and mining. Our first guest is Robin Longe, a partner in Dentons’ Vancouver office, who talks about the social factors and events shaping the way our industry is tackling diversity and inclusion, in particular anti-black racism.

We also catch up with AME Board Chair and Executive Director of BC’s Center of Training Excellence, Jill Tsolinas, to hear about the recently-published CTEM Skills Roadmap Key Findings Report.

In industry news, with hear about Artemis Gold’s deal with Caterpillar to supply the mining fleet at Blackwater, Benchmark Metals’ new targets at the Lawyers project and Ivanhoe Electric’s big plans at their Santa Cruz copper project in Arizona.

Your #ExplorationMatters host is Kylie Williams, AME Director, Communications and Member Relations. If you have questions or comments about today’s episode, or a topic you would like us to talk about on the show, email Kylie at [email protected].

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