It was the summer of 2019, and Don Bragg, prospector and AME’s longest-serving director, visited the Cat Mountain property in north-central British Columbia. Also in camp at the time was artist Patricia (Pat) Harper, who created this incredible oil painting. The painting was recently donated to AME and now hangs in the downtown AME Office for staff and visitors to enjoy.

The painting of Don, a life-long prospector, shows him relaxing in the cook shack at the Cat Mountain property, which he staked nearly 20 years earlier and has been explored by several junior companies since.

Pat Harper was part of the field team at Cat Mountain in 2019, where she completed the initial sketches and watercolour paintings. Pat is an artist with a combined background, both formal and self-taught, with a talent for observing and expressing the unique personalities of her subjects. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Pat jumped at the opportunity to help at Cat Mountain when invited by her son, former Chief Geologist of Serengeti Resources Inc., Quinn Harper, P. Geo., where she completed several paintings and bagged a number of soil samples!

Commenting on the painting, Quinn Harper said: “This painting illustrates how creativity, perseverance, fresh air and a new perspective can work to entwine the arts and sciences – key ingredients for effective exploration geoscience – a reality well understood by Don.”

Don’s friend and business partner, Barry Price praised Don for his continued advocacy for prospecting schools as well his mentorship of many young prospectors. Barry said: “Don recognizes the need for more options to help fund grassroots exploration work and strongly supports the important work of educating the public about the value of mining and mineral exploration to their daily lives and to the economy of British Columbia.”

The painting, donated to AME by Pat and Don with the help of Quinn and Don’s business partners and friends, captures the essence of what a quiet moment in the life of a mineral explorer can look like.

At AME, we love seeing mineral exploration come alive through art. For this reason,  for the past 20 years, we have held the annual AME Photo Contest that allows members to bring out the art in mineral exploration through photography in a way that combines the human side of the industry and shows the stunning scenery of the areas we work.

The AME Photo Contest 2022 is officially open for submissions. We would like to see your photos from the field, from grassroots prospecting to collecting samples, geological mapping, geophysical and environmental surveys, drilling and reclamation. With fantastic prizes up for grabs, contestants will have the beauty of their work showcased through AME’s annual events, tools and publications. The photos we receive also help us build awareness and engagement with school students, government, communities, and First Nations. Learn more about AME’s Photo Contest 2022.