The Importance of Mentorship

There has been tremendous growth in the coaching industry and a lot of discussion about the importance of mentoring in the mining and exploration industry.  So, what is the d… Read More

In the Interest of Copper

Copper, the base metal we all know and love. Or maybe we don’t know it that well? Whatever your copper knowledge, this high-demand base metal should be on your list of interests for #… Read More

The Power of Networking

Networking is by far the most important reason to attend AME Mineral Exploration Roundup, said AME members surveyed on-site by the NRG Research Group at Roundup 2018. According t… Read More

Reasons to Attend Roundup

Register Now If you’re in the mineral exploration industry in BC, you may have heard of it already. AME Mineral Exploration Roundup is the place where, year after year, mineral exp… Read More


Exploration in Action

July 1 – September 30, 2018 Our members work in some of the most spectacularly scenic places in the world and often have the photography skills to do the landscapes justice. We want t… Read More

Then & Now

A 50th Anniversary Salute to Corporate Members of AME's Directory and Buyer's Guide

Published in the Summer 2018 Edition of the Mineral Exploration Magazine. The Association for Mineral Exploration (AME) has grown over the years to almost 5,000 members. Of that… Read More

Public Outreach with AME

AME understands the value of positive public perception to our industry and we have heard our members in their call for more public action. Over the past few years, the Association… Read More

BC Wildfire Update

Time Extensions for Registering Exploration and Development Work on Mineral Title

Notice to Free Miners from Mark Messmer, Chief Gold Commissioner, Mineral Titles Branch If you are unable to perform exploration and development on your title as a consequence of… Read More