Notice to Free Miners from Mark Messmer, Chief Gold Commissioner, Mineral Titles Branch

If you are unable to perform exploration and development on your title as a consequence of the wildfire area closures, road closures, and evacuations, the Chief Gold Commissioner may offer an extension of time pursuant to section 66 of the Mineral Tenure Act.  An extension of time allows a recorded holder additional time to register exploration and development work and prevents forfeiture of the title.

Anyone wishing to make such a request must do so in writing (or email) directly to Mark Messmer, Chief Gold Commissioner, or to [email protected].  Requests should include details on why the exploration and development could not be done and include title numbers of the titles involved.  All requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis. The Chief Gold Commissioner will also review and consider any requests for additional section 66 time extensions on a case by case basis upon written request.