Anatole Tuzlak

For the past 15 years, AME has sought the best photographs of mineral explorers in action, in B.C. and around the world. We would like you to send your best photos from the field: prospecting, collecting samples, doing geological work, drilling and conducting studies – photographs that best depict the variety of activities in the mineral exploration and development industry. Also, the Social Media competition #AMEintheField is open again for the second year in a row, back by popular demand. Submit your best photos for each or any of the following categories:

Prospecting and Early Exploration: Whether it’s digging in the dirt for samples, hammering the rocks, reading maps or simply casting an eye over prospective ground, we want to show what grassroots exploration looks like.

Intermediate Exploration: Initial drilling, trenching and fly-in camps are just a few ideas for photographs. Photographs that show people are best; scenic photographs that show the low-impact nature of mineral exploration are also great.

Advanced Exploration: Definition drilling, bulk sampling and environmental studies are a few items covered in this category.

Mineral Development: Site development, engagement and consultation, and activities that are part of the environmental assessment are some topics covered here. Make planning come alive through your photos.

Restoration and Reclamation: In particular, send us your photographs showing reclamation of drill pads, access roads and previously explored areas. Before and-after photographs are welcome and may be submitted together as one entry.

Matt Fraser


Prizes of $100 will be awarded for the winners of each category. Winners for each of the categories will be based on the number of “Likes” on Facebook in each category and must meet the criteria below. A $100 prize will be awarded for the social media submission that receives the most “Likes” on Facebook, regardless of category. All entries will be chosen by AME staff from the #AMEintheField contest. A Grand Prize of $500 will be awarded for the submission that best meets the following criteria. AME reserves the right to not award a prize in a category that does not receive eligible photographs. Winners will be personally notified by AME. All winners will be announced in the December 2018 E-News.


Photographs should mirror the following components of the AME brand guidelines:

  • leveraging imagery of people to emphasize the human element of exploration • showcasing people engaged in their work in the field, set against awe-inspiring backdrops
  • captured in a natural, candid way – never staged or posed

Additionally, photographs should:

  • be original and have an immediate impact on the viewer
  • demonstrate a safe, economically strong and environmentally responsible mineral exploration and development industry based in British Columbia
  • be accompanied by a caption that describes the subject and location of the photograph, including the names of subjects when applicable
  • be reproduceable at 300 dpi at 11” x 8.5” (i.e., at least 3,300 x 2,550 pixels, or 8.4 megapixels)
  • reproduce well in print, social and web media
Ryan Dix


  • Photographers must have the consent of subjects being photographed as well as permission to submit a photograph of personal and/or company property (if applicable).
  • Entries must be the original property of the photographer. A photographer may not submit a photograph that is the property of another person or organization (e.g., proprietary photographs of a company’s mineral exploration property).
  • The photographer grants AME a royalty-free, non-exclusive right, starting at the time of submission, in perpetuity, to use the photograph in AME communications including, but not limited to, publications, displays and AME-related use in news stories. The photographer retains the use of the entry and may continue to use the photograph in ways that do not infringe on AME’s use of the photograph.


  • Entries may be submitted up to Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018, at midnight Pacific time.
  • Public voting will take place from Monday, Oct. 8, through Sunday, Oct. 14, at midnight Pacific time.
  • Winners will be announced in AME’s e-news.

To enter Submit your photos, or a link to your photos on a file sharing platform, to Tracey Sexton, Director, Communications and Corporate Affairs at [email protected].