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Do you remember your favourite meal in camp? Or a favourite meal at a restaurant in a local community? For those that have spent a season in the field or working on-site, you know how important a tasty, nutritious and filling meal can be in keeping up morale and fueling the body and mind during a long field season. Unfortunately, food security is not a given for many during the COVID-19 pandemic, including those in local, rural and Indigenous communities where people are feeling economic pain and finding daily life harder.

You and your company can help – see below.

In an effort to support our local food banks, the Association for Mineral Exploration (AME) and Integra Resources (ITR) have partnered to launch a social media challenge calling on the mineral exploration and mining industry to unite to support Food Banks BC with a donation (of any amount) and by sharing a photo of one of your most memorable meals in camp or at a local restaurant near site.

We’re supporting Food Banks BC because they represent and support 100 member food banks across the province, where many of our members are working and living. Food Banks BC has a vision of “creating a hunger-free future” for the province and achieves this through sustainable fundraising and advocacy. This is something we know our sector can help drive and support to keep our local communities, big or small, well-fed.  

Commenting on the #MiningFeedsBC Foodbank challenge, AME President and CEO, Kendra Johnston added:

“During the course of this health crisis, our members have shown compassion and strength as they have stepped up to donate PPE, equipment and supplies to those in need. As we reach the end of the beginning, the need is not going away. By launching the #MiningFeedsBC Foodbank challenge we hope to help feed and support communities that are most in need across BC and many that we work with on a daily basis.  We are pleased to collaborate with Integra Resources on this challenge and look forward to seeing your favorite camp or local restaurant meals for a good cause!”

George Salamis, President and CEO of Integra Resources, said:

“Food scarcity continues to be a major issue for many, especially those living in rural, remote and Indigenous communities. Given that our industries, mining and exploration, were deemed essential services, we have a continued and important role to play to support our communities – both our operations, in Idaho, and where we live, right here in BC. I challenge my colleagues, peers and friends in the industry to join me in supporting Food Banks BC.” 

How can you get involved?

Many people do not know that mineral exploration and mining camps and communities offer interesting and delicious food. And many people in the industry can recall a memorable “camp or mining meal” they had. While raising important funds for the food bank, this campaign also aims to educate individuals, in a lighthearted way, about a topic that is rarely discussed but very important – food in exploration and mining!

  1. Post a picture on social media of a memorable “camp or mining meal”
  2. Use the hashtag #MiningFeedsBC and #ExplorationFeedsBC
  3. Make a donation to Food Banks BC
  4. Challenge three more people to join!

No Social Media? No problem – that’s ok too – taking part in the Challenge only requires taking 3 minutes to make a donation and forwarding an email along to a few people.

We have a template email and a graphic for you to use:

  • Graphic to share: Download here Once the image pops up, right-click on the image and ‘save image’.
  • Template e-mail to invite your colleagues and company to help: Download here
We have hit the $25K milestone! Let’s keep going and hit another milestone.

Any questions, please contact Tracey Sexton on 604.630.3919 or [email protected]