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Deadline for Nominations: September 29, 2019


Outreach Education Fund

The AME Outreach Education Fund is a corporate endowment dedicated to increasing the public’s appreciation and understanding of BC’s mineral exploration and development industry through the advancement of public education and community programs.

2018 Winner: Britannia Mine Museum and MineralsEd

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An annual $20,000 fund will be available for distribution in the form of scholarships (excluding personal scholarships for post-secondary, geology-related education) and monetary funding with a minimum of $1,500 per award for proposed public education and training programs focused on mineral exploration. The amount of funding for each application will be based not only on the merits of the proposed project and funding requests, but also on the number of quality applications in a given year.

Eligibility: This award is open to charitable organizations in BC focused on education and outreach projects relating to mineral exploration and development.

Applicants who have been successful in previous years are welcome to submit new applications. Multiple applications for funding in a given year from one source, if they are of excellent quality and stand-alone projects, will be considered.

*Please note AME Staff, Board, and Committee Members are not eligible to apply.
The Vancouver Foundation has the right to deny funding, and all applications will be reviewed in order to meet its criteria.

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Frank Woodside Past Presidents and Chairs Award

The Frank Woodside Past Presidents and Chairs Awards recognizes distinguished service to the association and/or contribution to the mineral industry.

2018 Winners: J. Greg Dawson and Victoria Yehl 

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Past Recipients

Abraham, Brian
Franzen, Jeff
Price, Barry
Allan, James F.
Giroux, Gary
Price, Bill
Asp, Jerry
Graf, Chris
Schroeter, Tom
Birkeland, Arne
Hawkins, Greg
Sinclair, Alistair
Boyd, Robert
Higgs, Rick
Smit, Hans
Bragg, Don
Hollister, Vic
Soregaroli, Art
Brock, John
Holmes, Sheila
Spence, Colin
Brommeland, Lena
Kimura, Ed
Spencer, Bob
Brown, Bob
Lau, Jurgen
Spilsbury, Wayne

Brown, Bruce
Luck, Grant
Stephen, Cam
Coates, Don
Macauley, Terry
Thompson, John
Cross, Bogart
Meyer, Bill
Thorstad, Linda
Cross, George
Mullen, Marilyn
Toye, Dean
Danielson, Vivian
Murray, John
Turner, Randy
Davis, Chuck
Newell, John
Whiton, Geoff
Delane, Gerry
Ogryzlo, Chris
Woodside, Sanford
Dickson, Glen
Pegg, Dan
Yip, Randall
Dirom, Gavin E.
Young, Moe

Special Tribute

The AME Special Tribute will be presented from time to time to a deserving individual or group who is engaged in any phase of mineral exploration or mining in BC, and who is nominated by an AME member or a member of an associated exploration and/or mining association.

2018 Winner: Dr Norman Keevil

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The Special Tribute recognizes very significant contributions, initiating creative and innovative geoscientific and technological programs and projects to advance mineral exploration and mining concepts and practices in BC.

Past Recipients

Anglin, ‘Lyn
Hu Gabrielse
Meade, Harlan
Beley, Michael
Jack Souther
Oldenburg, Doug
Bradshaw, Peter
Jan Muller
Patterson, Jack
Burke, Michael
Jim Roddick
Plumb, Bill
Carter, Nick
John Reesor
Rotherham, Don
Cathro, Bob
John Wheeler
Sinclair, Alastair

Campbell, Dick
Lefebure, David
Spence, Colin
Franzen, Jeff
Lew Green
Thompson, John
Graham, Ian
Longeran, El
Thomson, Ian
Greater Vancouver Mining Women’s Association (GVMWA)
Macauley, Terry
Tosdal, Dick
Greenwood, Val
MacDonald, John
Whiton, Geoff
Howard Tipper
McClintock, Jack

H.H. “Spud” Huestis Award

To those who have made a significant contribution, directly or indirectly, to enhance the mineral resources of BC and/or the Yukon Territory through the original application of prospecting techniques or other geoscience technology.

2018 Winners: Alan McOnie, Seymour Iles and Jared Chipman

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Past Recipients

Ron Burk,
Ken McNaughton,
Ken Konkin
H.H. “Spud” Huestis
Karl Springer
Bern Brynelsen
Bill Smitheringale Sr.
Alex Smith
Egil Lorntzsen
Andy Robertson
Tom McQuillan
Harry Warren
Jim McDougall
Stu Barclay
Ted Chisholm
Efrem Specogna
Mark Rebagliati
Eric Denny
Franc Joubin
Gordon Milbourne
Bruce Mawer
Chuck Fipke
Al Archer
Bob Cathro
Richard Haslinger
John McDonald
Robert Etzel
Arthur John
Lorne Warren
Burk, Ron
McNaughton, Ken

Mark Baknes
Peter Fox
Patrick McAndless
Ed Balon
Cam Stephen
John Robins Lawrence Barry
Michael Savell
Shawn Ryan
David Moore
Myron Osatenko
Peter Bernier
Dirk Tempelman-Kluit
Rob Carne
Bill Wengzynowski
Doug Eaton
Rob Carpenter
Tim Smith
Craig Finnigan
Adam Simmons
Alan Wainwright
Peter Ogryzlo
Peter Bradshaw
Ron Britten
Ursula Mowat
Wade Barnes
Carl Edmunds
Chris Rockingham
Konkin, Ken

Murray Pezim Award

To a mineral industry financier who provided a significant contribution to the BC and/or Yukon mineral exploration and mining community.

2018 Winner: John McCluskey

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Past Recipients

Ronald Netolitzky

Murray Pezim
Peter Brown
Bob Hunter
John Brock
John Tognetti
Ian Telfer
Ned Goodman
Adolf H. Lundin
Rick Rule
Robert A. Quartermain

Channing Buckland
Cal Everett
Mark O’Dea
Eric Sprott
Mike Beley
Richard Barclay
David Elliott
Clive Johnson
Terry Salman

Hugo Dummett Award

To those who have made a significant contribution towards diamond exploration, diamond technology, the diamond discovery process or diamond mine development.

2018 Winners: Eric Friedland, Geoff Wood and Brooke Clements

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Past Recipients

Hugo Dummett
John Gurney
Buddy Doyle
Robert (Bob) Hindson
John Stephenson
Grenville Thomas
John McDonald
Walter Melnyk
Dr. Nikolai Pokhilenko
Randy Turner
Ken MacNeill
George Read
Harvey Bay
Pieter DuPlessis
Barbara Scott Smith
Brooke Clements
Robert Lucas

Pierre Bertrand
Jon Carlson
Joseph Brunet
Jonathan Fowler
Don Boucher
Alex van Zyl
Brad Wood
Rod Davey
Robert Gannicott
Stephen Prest
Jim Excell
Dan Johnson
Jeff Stibbard
Mike Rylatt
Eira Thomas
William Lamb
Lukas Lundin

Colin Spence Award

To those who have made a significant contribution to enhance the mineral resources within Canada (exclusive of BC and/or the Yukon) or in foreign countries through the original application of prospecting techniques or other geoscience technology.

2018 Winner: Dr. Tom Henricksen

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Past Recipients

Bob Sibthorpe
Ross J. Beaty
Roman Shklanka
Charles Forster
Mark Rebagliati
David Adamson
Matthew Wunder
Ian Russell
Terry Bursey
Crystal McCullough (The Rubicon Team)
Jeff Pontius and the International Tower Hill team
Michael Gunning

Alistair McCreedy
Ben Ainsworth
Garrett Ainsworth
Duane Poliquin
Morgan Poliquin
Joe Piekenbrock
Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse
David Broughton
Sello Kekana

Gold Pan Award

The Gold Pan Award is coordinated and presented by the AME Board of Directors to a recipient who has contributed exceptional meritorious service to the Mineral Exploration Community through the Association for Mineral Exploration BC.

2018 Winners: Dan Moore,  Peter Bradshaw

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Past Recipients

Forster, Mona
Wild, Royanna
Althol, Dick
Gardiner, Shari
Sirola, Bill
Bonus, John
Gray, Jim
Smith, George
Bottomer, Lindsay
Higgs, Rick
Smitheringale, William V.
Boucher, Walter B.
Huestis, Spud
St. Dunn, William
Bragg, Don
Jepsen, Dan
Stevens, Robert
Caldwell, Edward H.
Kimura, Ed
Stewart, Ron W.
Caulfield, David
MacDonald, Ralph
Sutherland-Brown, Athol
Craig, Sue
Wild, Royanna
Comba, David,
MacRae, Rod
Tempelman-Kluit, Dirk

Deakin, Ross M.
McInnes, Donald
Turner, Randy
Dirom, Gavin A.
McQuillan, Tom J.
Prof. Turnbull, J.M.
Dolmage, Dr. Victor
Murray, John
Prof. Warren, Harry V.
Eldridge, Gardner S.
Mustard, Don
Winkler, George
Elliott, Thomas
Patterson, Jack
Woods, Robin
Fyles, Jim
Pike, James A.
Woodside, Sanford
Forster, Mona

Robert R. Hedley Award

To an AME member who has worked globally and made significant contributions or advances in the realm of social or environmental responsibility.

2018 Winners: Matt Andrews and Monica Moretto

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Past Recipients

Brent Murphy
Elizabeth Miller
Anne Ball
Doug Brown
Susan Craig
Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse
Robert L. Carpenter
Judi L’Orsa
Teck Resources Limited

Harvey McLeod
Ian Thomson
Britannia Mine Museum
Aboriginal Mentoring & Training Association
Patrick McAndless
Jim Cooney

David Barr Safety Award

To those who have demonstrated leadership and innovation excellence in exploration safety.

2018 Winner: Brennan Dyke and Chad Smith,  Paycore Drilling

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Past Recipients

 Janice Fingler

David Barr
Imperial Metals Corporation
Ian Paterson
Bill Mercer
Doug Flynn
Harvey Tremblay

Michael Gunning
Gordon Maxwell
Boart Longyear
Geotech Drilling Services Ltd.
Lise Tompson-Cyr
Graham Ennis